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Here you will find the election returns after the election is held and votes are counted.
The returns of past elections are available in the archive or via direct access in the right column.

Preliminary result of the election to the 42th Student's Parliament


On 11 July 2022 the Student Election Commitee announced at its bulletin board the preliminary result of the election to the 42nd Student's Parliament.

This publication ist also available here (in german): Announcement preliminary result 2022

According to Sect. 17, Sub-sect. 1 of the electoral regulations (WahlOStud) the period for objections to this result is three working days and thus ends on 14 July 2022 at 3 p.m.

Official final result of the election to the 42nd Student Parliament


There were no objections filed against the preliminary election result within the corresponding period.

Thus in its 8th session on 18 July 2022 the Student Election Committee ruled the preliminary result to be the official final result of the election. This was announced at the bulletin board.

This publication ist also available here: Announcement final result 2022 (german)

We congratulate all elected members and substitutes.

According to Sect. 7, Sub-sect. 2 of the Charter of the Student Union the period to constitute the elected Student's Parliament ends on 11 November 2022. The corresponding invitation will be announced by the session board of the Student Parliament.


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